Marketing Poison To Children

I am outraged that these people have the nerve to try and market vaccines to “tweens” Only in America could people create such a stupid marketing term for children, then use it to sell everything from cancer causing “fast food” to cancer and injury inducing vaccines.

I would say more but this sickens me, and when I 1st saw it on several email list the other day I actually thought it was a hoax, I mean I know big pharma and the government is evil but I never thought they would stoop quite this low. What angers / sickens me the most is the fact I actually gave these monster credit for being “human”.


Tweens are defined as young people, usually aged 9-12, those IN BETWEEN childhood and teenhood.

In Marketing Vaccines to Tweens, Susan Kirby, of Kirby Marketing Solutions, discusses social marketing and disease prevention that’s specifically directed at “tweens”, and how to empower them to get the immunizations they need.

The presentation features:
# The “4 Ps of Marketing” and the Social Marketing Model
# Tween demographics, facts, and trends
# Behavioral objectives aimed at creating a successful vaccination campaign
# What motivates and inspires your target audience to action
# Barriers to address that might prevent action
# Developing and communicating the message
# How to adapt effective existing campaigns

Dr. Kirby is president of Kirby Marketing Solutions, and has more than 25 years of senior-level experience in public health project management, marketing, and communication campaign development, including six years as Director of the Marketing Research Resource Center at the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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