So, a couple of days ago I rejoined twitter and re activated my long dormant blog and I decided to take a peek at what others thought of the recent measles outbreak in the US and I was shocked by the hate I found towards NON VAXERS, I was even more shocked by the ignorance some people have towards the mild illness. According to one person on twitter there has not been measles in the US since the 1920’s… Another group of ill informed people claimed it was illegals and Obama who caused this measles outbreak, and then there were those (mostly teens) who simply didn’t know what the measles were so I countered them with some truth such as “measles used to not be considered a big deal check out older medical books and children’s books.” “measles used to be considered kids stuff check out old medical books & children’s books.” AND “measles not a big deal until recently, you got it and gained life long immunity plus a week off school.”

I also included pictures from two older children’s books showing that measles used to be the norm and was not a big deal, it indeed used to be considered kid’s stuff. To my surprise and delight I was re tweeted twice. I also ran across a college student who had this to say about the measles “having measles was great tho i skipped school for a month and after i was done shedding my skin was so perfect w no scars/acne marks!!!” I ask for more information such as when they had it and found THIS out “last year around October/November. funny thing is that I was vaccinated though”

My thought is that every time we run across ignorance about the childhood diseases and about the dangers of vaccines we should ALWAYS take the time to educate others whether it be online or out in the real world. A few seconds is all it takes and in that time you could save a life, promote health, or even change the world.



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