I am a filmmaker in the process of creating a documentary titled “SPOTTING THE TRUTH!” I need to connect with non vaccinating individuals who are seeking natural immunity to to the so called “childhood illnesses” of measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella for their families.

Interviews before, during, and after individuals or families have contracted any childhood illness are needed. The best possible scenario would be interviews directly after exposure and documenting progress through an illness. Interviews initiated during a childhood illness are, of course, also welcomed and vital for the success of this project.

All ages and family sizes are needed for the documentary. The public is waking up to vaccine dangers and the very real benefits of natural immunity. This is a very important project to help alleviate the fears of childhood illnesses once considered benign and necessary for proper immune development.

I am also seeking exposure to all childhood illnesses for myself, not only because I’ve never had a single childhood illness, but because I would never expect anyone to do anything I’m not willing to do myself. I plan on keeping a video diary of any experience and using it as part of the documentary, as well as writing daily blog and posting periodic progress reports on social media. My goal is to silence one of the biggest lies used to push vaccines: childhood illnesses are to be feared.

I also need to speak with the countless families and individuals who have been vaccine injured. Vaccine injuries are far too common and in my opinion happen 100% of the time following vaccination. While these injuries may not present themselves immediately they exist, as so many can attest to. These can include food allergies, physical and mental disability, chemical sensitivities, skin reactions, and the unthinkable–death!

I will also be talking to medical experts who are against vaccines and or the current vaccine schedule to get their expert opinions on the issue of vaccination as well as my documentary. I plan on doing this after I have completed every other aspect of the project.

Both the CDC and pharmaceutical companies have a damning paper trail, which combined with other parts of my project could end the vaccine lie once and for all, but I cannot do it alone.

Lastly, I need to explain that this project is being shot on mobile phones and consumer grade video equipment. Shooting the documentary in this fashion makes it possible to reach more people worldwide to tell their stories, and I can easily use my blog for updates on a regular basis.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in assisting me with this documentary in any way feel free to message me privately via


Twitter: @forcedanarchy

Or email me directly at:



Chickenpox is one of several minor childhood illness nearly every child experiences in their early years, or at least they used to. Mild fever, a few days of itchy spots, and that was it. What remained was a strengthened immune system and possibly a few minor scars. Since the introduction of a vaccine, chickenpox has become a thing of the past…… or has it? What consequences are there for changing the natural course of a benign childhood disease?

The chickenpox vaccine was introduced in the United States in the mid 90’s, and was soon thereafter added to the CDC vaccine schedule. Initially, it was recommended anyone under age 13 receive one dose of the vaccine while anyone over 13 receive two doses, claiming two doses would incur lifetime immunity. Following its implementation, children under 13 continued to contract chicken pox, so in 2006 the CDC recommended that younger children also receive 2 doses of the vaccine. The CDC also claims the vaccine makes this mild disease somehow less dangerous, but this isn’t always the case. So, how safe is this vaccine really?


There are two live virus vaccines for chickenpox licensed in the U.S.: Varivax and ProQuad (MMRV), both manufactured by Merck.

  • The CDC recommends children receive a chickenpox vaccination at 12 months and a booster dose between 4 and 6 years of age;

  • Reported complications from the chickenpox vaccine include: shock, seizures, brain inflammation (encephalitis), thrombocytopenia (blood disorder), Guillain-Barre Syndrome, death, and infection with vaccine-strain chickenpox including possible transmission of vaccine-strain chickenpox to others;

  • Chickenpox vaccine effectiveness is reported to be 44 percent for any form of the disease and 86 percent for moderate to severe disease;

  • Mass use of the chickenpox vaccine in the U.S. has removed the opportunity for the natural boosting of immunity in the population by re-exposure, which provides protection from shingles occurrences. Due to this, adults as well as vaccinated children are now experiencing shingles outbreaks;

  • In 2006, the CDC recommended an additional dose of the chickenpox vaccine for all children under age 13, and a shingles vaccine was licensed and recommended for all adults over age 60 in an attempt to combat the rising occurrence of shingles outbreaks.

  • As of September 1, 2015, there had been 122 claims filed in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) for injuries and deaths following chickenpox or varicella vaccination, including 8 deaths and 114 serious injuries.

  • Using the MedAlerts search engine, as of September 30, 2015 there have been 3,358 serious adverse reactions reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in connection with chickenpox varicella-containing vaccines since 1990. Over half of all reported serious chickenpox vaccine-related adverse events occurred in children six years old and under. Of those, 161 were deaths, with over 60% of the deaths occurring in children under six years of age.


Chickenpox cannot thoroughly be discussed without also mentioning shingles: the reactivation of the varicella virus due to stress or a compromised immune system. The chickenpox vaccine is not used in the UK and many other countries around the world because it is known that re-exposure to the chickenpox virus is required to prevent waning immunity in older individuals, i.e. shingles outbreaks. “If there is less chickenpox in children then there will be no boosting of immunity by exposure to chickenpox for middle and older aged people and thus there will be more shingles, at least until all the elderly have been vaccinated as children but this assumes that immunity conferred by vaccination is lifelong.”

Studies have shown that the chickenpox vaccine does increase the risk of shingles, but even that fact is being distorted: “Vaccinating one-year-olds against chickenpox could temporarily nearly double the incidence of shingles in the wider population, but in younger adults than previously thought.”

It should be mentioned that MERCK is maker of both the vaccine for shingles and chickenpox.


Many parents still opt for natural infection. This is due to vaccine failure as well as the unknown duration of effectiveness this vaccine may offer. I will be keeping this blog post updated with stories, videos, and pictures of real people from around the world who have experienced chickenpox. I personally did not have chickenpox as a child, and am therefore also attempting to gain exposure as part of my documentary entitled “SPOTTING THE TRUTH!”


Here is what the chickenpox were like for a family from the Midwestern United States that opted for natural immunity, as you can see everything is fine, just an award winning case of the chickenpox.


The next chickenpox experience comes from New Zealand, this family was kind enough to give full details of their chickenpox experience. This family seems to be dealing with the spots just fine.

I will be doing similar blog posts for other childhood diseases, including mumps, measles, and rubella. I recently did a blog post regarding mumps, which can be seen here:

If you, or someone you know, currently has a childhood disease and is open to considering my exposure, please contact me. If anyone has had a childhood disease and is open to sharing their personal experiences, please consider giving an interview. Any/all identifying information will be kept strictly confidential at your request. Whether you support natural immunity, have personal experience with vaccine injury, or just want to help with my project, please feel free to contact me:


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Mumps, such a silly word for a mild but painful illness that last a few days and then you are immune for life. For those who are new to my blog, I am a film maker working on a documentary titled “SPOTTING THE TRUTH!” which deals with natural immunity and vaccine injury. As the title of my blog post implies I am trying to catch the mumps!!!! I can almost hear the gasp, laughs, and insults flowing through my computer BUT if you give me a few I will explain….

Most people in America do not realise that a good portion of the world simply does not see the need to vaccinate for the mumps, and here in the United States there are outbreaks on college and university campuses each spring for the last four or five years, this mirrors a trend that has been happening in the UK over the last several years.


Anyone who is on twitter or facebook can see the angry post where people are blaming the non vaccinated but it seems they are ignoring the news reports that saying a large number of the people who are catching it are vaccinated.

There is another reason behind the sharp rise in mumps cases. Merck maker of the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccine has been accused of lying about the effectiveness of the vaccine and is currently in the middle of a lawsuit. I am still asking myself why this is not being told to every person who is considering the vaccine.

As a person who supports the concept of natural immunity, I am a firm believer that it is best simply to get the mumps over and done with and enjoy knowing that once you have had it you will not get it again. One of the arguments used to promote the mumps vaccine is the concern over sterility for males after having the mumps. This is more or less an old wives tale. Mumps was considered a trivial illness before the push for the vaccine to be mandated.

“If total sterility as a consequence of orchitis were a significant threat, and if the mumps immunizations assured adult males that they would not contract it, I would be among those doctors who urge immunization. I’m not, because their argument makes no sense. Orchitis rarely causes sterility, and when it does, because only one testicle is usually affected, the sperm production capacity of the unaffected testicle could repopulate the world! And that’s not all. No one knows whether the mumps vaccination confers an immunity that lasts into the adult years. Consequently, there is an open question whether, when your child is immunized against mumps at fifteen months arid escapes this disease in childhood, he may suffer more serious consequences when he contracts it as an adult.”

There is another reason not to fear the mumps and for people to actually want to catch it. MUMPS MIGHT PREVENT SOME FORMS OF CANCER!

“Epidemiologic studies found childhood mumps might protect against ovarian cancer. To explain this association, we investigated whether mumps might engender immunity to ovarian cancer through antibodies against the cancer-associated antigen MUC1 abnormally expressed in the inflamed parotid gland.”

Knowing all of this I have to ask why a person would want to be vaccinated for the mumps, I mean sure it is not fun but neither is the common cold and we accept that as something you have to deal with.

One thing they are not totally honest about with the mumps vaccine here in the United States is that it can give you the mumps, or at least a mild form of it. The MMR is a live virus vaccine so one has to question if this version of the mumps is contagious. For me this is the deal breaker, if I am going to get sick I want something that is going offer me lasting immunity and that can only come from natural infection.

“About three to four weeks after having the MMR injection, one in 50 children develop a mild form of mumps. This includes swelling of the glands in the cheek, neck or under the jaw, and lasts for a day or two.”


As previously stated the mumps are a mild infection that most people handle rather well and when recovered have a lifetime of natural immunity. I thought it would be a good idea to hear from people who actually have the mumps.

The first mumps experience comes from a university student named Kyle who lives in the mid west United States. I have to say he was a real sport about this given the fact I am a pushy film maker / blogger.  His experience along with pictures and video are below.

“I am currently on day 6 of having the mumps. I have been vaccinated twice for the mumps and obviously they did not work. Last Thursday I woke up with what I thought was a sore throat until I saw my self in the mirror and noticed my neck was a bit swollen. I knew this could have been the mumps because a good friend of mine had the mumps at the time. So I went to the doctor and they confirmed I had the mumps. The doctor sent me home and told me to stay in my room for 5 days or until the swelling went down. Each day the swelling got worse until day 4 and since then it has gone slightly down each day. When the swelling was at its worst it was painful to eat it was like a burning feeling in the left side of my mouth, but soon enough I was to hungry not to care. I lost my voice on the third day because of the swelling. I also had some muscle aches in my back and shoulders. Another symptom I have is fatigue, I’ve been sleeping 12 plus hours every night which is way above normal for me.”–Kyle

Here is a video of Kyle’s mumps he is on day 6 and his face is swollen but he is in good spirits, I am fairly certain that unless this is the zombie virus he is going to be just fine!

So there you have it folks, this is what it is like to have the mumps, I will be keeping this blog post updated as more people tell me of their experiences. I will be doing similar blog post for the other childhood diseases, this will serve as a public archive and as a reminder to me to get my documentary done!

Now back to me wanting the mumps, I am actually trying to catch the mumps along with the other childhood diseases, I even missed out on chickenpox as a kid!

Check out the following link to learn more about my documentary “SPOTTING THE TRUTH!”

I will be doing similar blog posts for other childhood diseases, including chickenpox, measles, and rubella.

If you, or someone you know, currently has a childhood disease and is open to considering my exposure, please contact me. If anyone has had a childhood disease and is open to sharing their personal experiences, please consider giving an interview. Any/all identifying information will be kept strictly confidential at your request. Whether you support natural immunity, have personal experience with vaccine injury, or just want to help with my project, please feel free to contact me:


Twitter @forcedanarchy

Or privately at


WOW!!!!!!!! Voodoo science at its worst! All of the people who are getting the mumps in this outbreak have had 2 doses of the MMR. The funny thing is they are now just making it up as they go along and are claiming a person needs 3 doses if they live or work on a college campus. I heard the same crap a few years ago when there was an outbreak in NYC, a Dr was pushing a 3rd dose on teens and said he would like to see it become a 4 dose series or perhaps even more.

If anyone has any information on this outbreak please pass it my direction.



BERKELEY — Hundreds of UC Berkeley students and employees lined up outside the campus health center Thursday for free vaccinations after a mumps outbreak infected up to 20 students.

A spokeswoman for the health center said the university and state public-health officials expected to vaccinate more than 1,000 people by the time the clinic closed at 6 p.m. The university will hold another free clinic from noon to 6 p.m. Oct. 14.
The state Department of Public Health was monitoring the rare outbreak this week. A department spokesman said he had no update on the number of students infected. Seven cases had been confirmed and 13 other students were being tested.
Although health officials initially wondered whether the outbreak started with students who had not been vaccinated, a spokeswoman for the city of Berkeley said all the patients had received the two recommended doses before becoming ill. Three vaccinations are recommended for people living and working on college campuses, a city health official said.


NY is planning to tighten the rules regarding vaccines, if you are
reading this please be aware this police state mentality will not stop
with NY! The CDC and big pharma will not stop until they inject every
last human with poison.

Below is a really good explanation of the requirements I got from
a yahoo group I belong to.


Act now to stop the worst vaccine law ever proposed in New York since
the invention of the mandatory schedule. Assembly Bill 10942 would
make all vaccines recommended by the CDC mandatory for all children
to attend school and, and for the first time vaccines would become
mandatory for infants and toddlers.

The bill was introduced in Rules Committee at the request of Richard
Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.
The Rules Committee in the personal committee of the Assembly Speaker
Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan).

A-CHAMP is calling for rejection of this bill and is demanding the
passage of A5468/S3031, a bill that would give individuals a right to
a philosophical exemption from vaccine mandates. This is no time to
transfer vaccine decisions away from individuals and elected
officials answerable to the voters and give it to obscure bureaucrats
with financial ties to the vaccine industry.

Here are a few features of the proposed bill:

· Our elected New York representatives would no longer determine
the mandatory schedule of vaccines to attend school; decisions made
by the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices would
automatically become mandatory.

· All children, infants and toddlers included, in New York would
be required to get all vaccines recommended by the ACIP according to
the ACIP schedule

· All children in New York up to age 18 would be required to get
annual flu shots.

· All girls in New York would be required to get a human papilloma
virus shot.

· All junior high school children and college students would be
required to get meningococcal shots.

· Doctors would be required to issue certificates for every shot
given and parents would be required to maintain the records and
provide them to school and other authorities.

· The rules committee claims that the new laws would have no
fiscal impact on the state despite the necessity of the state to
spend tens of millions on purchasing new vaccines, a vast increase in
mandatory record keeping and enforcement for schools, and a huge
increase that could be expected in the number of cases of
neurological damage, Guillian Barré syndrome and other vaccine-caused

We only have a few weeks to defeat this bill. Let your Assembly member
and State Senator know immediately that a vote for this bill
guarantees that you will do everything you can to get them un-
elected. In addition to emailing and calling your local
representatives, please call Speaker Sheldon Silver and let his staff
know, politely, that this is a disastrous idea. While you are at it
please call Governor David Paterson and let his staff know, politely,
that this is a horrible law.

Governor David Paterson (518) 474-8390

Speaker Sheldon Silver (518) 455-3791

Emergency measures are being implemented to halt UK measles outbreak

When will they stop injecting children with this poison?


Emergency measures are being implemented to halt a measles outbreak.

Health chiefs in London have ordered NHS trusts to offer MMR jabs in quick succession amid a surge in measles.

There have been over 200 cases in south east London in the first five months of this year. It comes after a record 1,000 were recorded nationally in 2007.

The Health Protection Agency said it hoped that offering the two jabs within months instead of two years apart would help stem the rise.

Similar steps were taken when there was a high concentration of cases in north London last year.


Measles is a highly infectious virus. It starts with a fever and conjunctivitis before a rash develops

The rash often lasts about a week and other complications can include pneumonia and diarrhoea

The MMR jab is used to immunise children against the disease

Before the triple vaccine was introduced in the late 1980s, there were 20 deaths a year on average in the UK

But since the early 1990s there has just been one in total

It is not known exactly what has caused the rise in cases, but take-up of MMR has struggled to recover from being linked to autism in the 1990s.

At least 95% of children need to have the triple-jab to create herd immunity to stop the disease spreading, but London in particular has struggled to reach that.

About three quarters of children across London have had the first jab which is given to babies at 13 months of age.

The second jab, offered to capture the one in 10 who do not get immunity by the first vaccination, is normally given before children start school.

But the Health Protection Agency has told the six trusts in south east London – Lewisham, Lambeth, Southwark, Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich – to give the second jab one to three months after the first.


HPA disease control expert Diana McInnes said: “The increase in measles cases is of concern and we know that large numbers of children are still not fully protected.

“In south east London we are encouraging parents to give the second MMR between one to three months after the first dose to protect their children.

“Children’s immune systems have a huge capacity and overloading them with the vaccination is not an issue.

“Our main focus is to remind people that they need two doses of the MMR vaccine to be fully protected.”

Health officials in Lewisham, which has had some of the highest rates of infection, is running special clinics to get every child under five immunised.

Parents of children between five and 16 who have not had the second jab are also being urged to go to their GP to get the jab.

A Lewisham PCT spokesman warned: “The disease is still spreading, particularly among school-age children.”
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/05/19 11:55:59 GMT


Measles in U.S. at Highest Level Since 2001

36 out of 64 were not vaccinated–a little over half. 14 vax status unknown, one had proof of vaccination. What about the other 13? How is 36 “most?

Also, anyone reading this free to point me in the direction of the measles because the CDC is really playing up the scare tactics on this one. As most people know I am a film maker with a long life ahead of me and if I thought for one second they would be as bad as the CDC is trying to say I would not be so willing to catch them as part of my anti vaccine documentary now would I?


May 2, 2008
Measles in U.S. at Highest Level Since 2001

Measles outbreaks in at least seven states are expected to produce more cases in 2008 than in any other recent year, federal health officials said Thursday, warning that measles is highly contagious and can cause severe illness and even death.

Most of the cases have occurred in people who were never vaccinated.

There were 64 cases from January through April 25, more than in all of 2006 and the highest number during that four-month period since 2001. None have yet proved fatal, but officials said they expected the total to keep rising.

“We haven’t seen the end of this,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Fourteen patients, or 22 percent, have been hospitalized, mostly for pneumonia.

The largest outbreak, 22 cases, is under way in New York City, mainly in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, where it was most likely introduced by travelers from other countries, including Israel and Belgium.

“There may be more cases,” said Dr. Jane R. Zucker, assistant commissioner for the Bureau of Immunization in the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Dr. Zucker said the New York outbreak was still being investigated.

As in New York, the other outbreaks are occurring because travelers bring the measles virus in from other countries — worldwide there are 20 million cases a year — and spread it to unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated include babies under a year old, who are too young to receive the vaccine, and children and young adults from families who refuse vaccination for personal or religious reasons.

The disease can then keep spreading. Dr. Schuchat said doctors were finding clusters with as many as five generations of transmission. She said many of today’s parents, doctors and nurses were unfamiliar with measles and not on the lookout for it.

In 17 cases, patients were infected in clinics and doctors’ offices, including a year-old baby who contracted the disease in a pediatrician’s office during a routine visit — for a measles shot.

Health officials are warning doctors and nurses to take special precautions to avoid spreading the disease in clinics. Children with fevers and rashes should not sit in waiting rooms, and other children should not be brought into an examining room that a child suspected of having measles has just left, because the virus can linger and remain infectious for about two hours.

In the current outbreak, 13 patients were under a year old and therefore too young to have been vaccinated, and 7 others were 12 to 15 months old, with parents who had not yet taken them for their first vaccination, which is due at 1 year. Sixteen others, who were older, came from families that refused vaccination. Fourteen more had what officials described as “unknown or undocumented vaccination status.” Only one person had proof of having received the standard two doses of measles vaccine.

In one family in Washington State, eight siblings came down with measles, and three of them had signs of pneumonia, a serious complication. These cases were reported after April 25 and so are in addition to the 64 described by the disease centers on Thursday.

The eight siblings are believed to have contracted measles at a religious conference attended by about 2,000 people from 5 countries and 19 states. None of the eight had been vaccinated. Forty-eight states allow exemptions from vaccine requirements for religious reasons, and 21 for personal beliefs, the C.D.C. said.

Growing numbers of parents in the United States and other countries have begun refusing to vaccinate their children because of unproven fears that vaccines cause autism or other illnesses. Health officials blame the trend for the resurgence of measles in many regions. Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and Britain have had large outbreaks recently, linked to pockets of people who shun vaccination.

Given the outbreaks overseas, travelers need to be immunized, Dr. Schuchat emphasized, acknowledging that many people do not think of Europe or Israel as places where they have to worry about catching infectious diseases. Babies who are going to be taken on trips can be given a measles shot at 6 months instead of 1 year, officials said.

People who have not been immunized and have been exposed to measles can often be protected with a vaccination or treatment with immune globulin, but the treatment must be given soon after the exposure. Health departments are supposed to track all the contacts of infected people and advise them about what to do, officials said.

Counting the Washington occurrence, 10 states have measles cases, though only seven have three or more, the disease centers’ definition of an outbreak. Besides New York City, the highest numbers are in Pima County in southern Arizona, with 15, and San Diego, with 11. The San Diego and Arizona cases have been traced to travelers from Switzerland. Cases in other states have come from Italy, India and probably China.

The remaining states with cases are Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“I think it’s important for states who aren’t on that list to have their alerts up,” Dr. Schuchat said. “We know there are unimmunized people out there, and measles is extremely infectious. Not being on the list shouldn’t be reassuring.”

Before 1963, when the vaccine became available in this country, there were three million to four million cases of measles annually. The disease killed 400 to 500 children a year and put 48,000 in the hospital.

The vaccine wiped out transmission here by 2000, but the disease can easily be imported because there are so many cases overseas. Worldwide, measles still kills 242,000 children a year.

A report on the outbreaks is online at